Photo Enhancement
There are four levels of service available, sorted by the least to
most time required to do the photo enhancement or
embellishment.                    for examples of photo enhancement
and embellishment.
Level 1: Could include quick brightening of the full image and
small blemish removal. $5 ea
Bulk Rates
 - 25-49 photos $1.25 ea
 - 50+ photos  $1.00 ea
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Level 2: Includes level one and potentially some simple
background/foreground manipulation (i.e. easy background
removal for business card photos). $10 ea
Level 4: Include previous levels as well as more aggressive
image manipulation (i.e. piecing together multiple photos,
creating new backgrounds). $50 ea
The level required to produce the desired result will be discussed
in advance after HMD reviews the image.
Level 3: Includes previous levels, work on more complex
backgrounds, color manipulation, etc. $25 ea
Package deals available, please discuss with HMD in advance.
Cost of retouching to be determined in advance, no surprises
on the bill!
Orders over $100 require a 50% deposit in advance.